The Graduate Research and Scholarly Activities Fund Guidelines

The Graduate Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 by annual gifts from NMU graduate degree alumni.This annual fund is designed to provide financial support for graduate students to further their scholarly activities.

To be considered for support from this fund, students must meet the minimum criteria:

  • Full-time Status:  Preferred, but not required
  • Financial Need:  Preferred, but not required
  • Class Level:  Graduate Student
  • GPA:  Good Academic Standing (3.0 or above)

Qualifying Expenses:  Financial support will be considered for:

  • Expenses related to attending regional, national and international conferences to present their research
  • Expenses related to faculty-approved research projects
  • Expenses related to further students scholarly activities at the graduate level

Process: Student or respective faculty member must submit a proposal detailing the scholarly activity to the Graduate Education and Research Office (906-227-2300 or Upon approval by the Assistant Provost for Graduate Education and Research (or his/her designee), the award will be processed as follows:

  1. Faculty Member Request:  A request for a transfer of funds in the amount of the award will be sent to the NMU Foundation.
  2.  Student Request
    1. Student name/NMU IN# will be sent to the NMU Foundation.
    2. Student must provide name of mentoring Faculty Member and Department. Signature of Faculty Member or Department head must be included on report submission.
    3. Upon approval, award will be processed, as an electronic check request through the NMU Foundation. (Forms for payment filled out- can be acquired from NMU Foundation or Grad Studies Office
  3. A final report must be submitted detailing how the funds were utilized to further scholarly activity. 
  4. Deadlines:


Submission to Graduate Education & Research

Awards Announced


Sept. 15

Oct. 22


Jan. 15

Feb. 22


Mar. 15

Apr. 22


Award: Award amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Assistant Provost for Graduate Education and Research (or his/her designee) but will not exceed $2,000.  A maximum of one award will be made per individual.


Within one month after the end date of a project, the grant recipient must submit a Final Project Report to each of the following: faculty advisor, the NMU Foundation Office ( or, and the Grants and Contracts Office (  Individuals will not be eligible for a subsequent internal grant if they have not submitted a Final Project Report for a previous grant.

The upper left-hand corner of the first page of the report must include the award recipient's name, the original title (on the proposal), and the semester and year of the award.

The Final Project Report must briefly address the following:

    1.  What was done?  (Summarize the project activities.)

    2.  What were the results?

    3.  What was produced (publication, presentation, creative work, etc.)?

    4.  What further research might this lead to?

    5.  What sources of external grants did you (or might you) seek?

    6.  Detail the actual budget expenditures.

Submit the final report to: faculty advisor, the NMU Foundation and the Grants and Contracts office (