Workshops for Students

Our office hosts a variety of workshops to help you achieve success. We do our best to schedule our workshops around relevant events and deadlines to help students prepare. 

Visit this page or check your NMU email (current graduate students) for updates. 



    Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

    Trainings typically last about 1 hour. Light refreshments are provided, so please RSVP if you plan to attend.

    The thesis and research compliance trainings are offered in a daytime session and an evening session in order to accommodate varying student schedules. If you intend to do research or submit a thesis during your graduate program, these trainings are HIGHLY recommended. 

    In light of recent developments surrounding the spread of COVID-19, all workshops and trainings have been suspended until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to review previous training materials provided below. 

    Please direct any questions to our office email:


    Available Materials from Previous Trainings: 


    • Thesis

    Thesis writing can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be! This training covers common questions about preparing, formatting, and turning in your thesis. Learn about thesis sections, formatting, and submission. This workshop discusses thesis requirements for all disciplines and for students at all levels of thesis completion. Refer to the thesis guidelines for more information:

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               Copyright Information Packet

               Literature Review Information

     Page Number Guide


    • How to Present Research Training

    This workshop focuses on tips and tricks to presenting in front of crowds. It focuses on students who are presenting research. Students who are participating in the Three Minute Thesis Competition or the Celebration of student Scholarship are encouraged to attend. 

               View the Slides for Celebration

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    • How to Write An Abstract

    MFA candidate and NMU Writing Center graduate assistant, Megan Emily, led this workshop for students interested in preparing an abstract. The workshop covers best practices for abstracts to be submitted to multiple types of venues, but particularly in preparation for the NMU Celebration of Student Scholarship.

              Abstract Slides


    • Excellence in Education Workshop

    Learn about how to apply and succeed at the Excellence in Education Award. Excellence in Education provides NMU graduate students with $1500 and 1 credit of tuition to work on their research. Further information regarding the Excellence in Education Research Program as well as additional Internal Grant Opportunities Available to Students is available. 

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    Rubric Handout


    • Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Workshop

    Learn about this spring's biggest graduate event. 3MT is an international competition for graduate students to present their research. This first workshop will inform participants about the competition. Prospective graduate and graduate students at all stages are invited! 

    View this workshop (2018)

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    NMU 3MT Website


    • How to Apply to Graduate School

    Join the Graduate Education and Research Office for an informative workshop that will introduce you to graduate school admissions requirements and processes. We will discuss NMU graduate admissions requirements in addition to things you can expect from any graduate school.

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    • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

              Kirstin Beck from the Grants and Contracts Office presents information and tips about applying to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. 

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    • Research Compliance Workshop

      This training helps make sense of the rules and regulations of research. This collaborative workshop will cover ethics and practices in research compliance for beginning researchers.

      September 2019 Powerpoint

    2018 Training: This workshop was co-presented by the Grants and Contracts Office and Graduate Education and Research.  
    Video presentation:
    PowerPoint Slides: