Current Graduate Assistantship Positions

Graduate assistants are salaried employees of the university. Their pay dates begin the first pay day of the fall semester and end at the conclusion of the winter semester. As salaried employees, they have the same days off that faculty have during the year, which include holidays and semester breaks. Duties of a graduate assistant are designed to complement the student’s graduate program and to advance the program of the assigning department. Duties assigned to the graduate assistant are subject to approval by the Dean of Graduate Education and Research.

The hiring department provides graduate assistants a full-time tuition and fees scholarship plus a stipend for their employment. The workload of a graduate assistant consists of up to 20 hours per week during the fall and winter semesters. These 20 hours should include time for preparing materials used in the classroom, teaching, office hours, planning activities and research assignments.

Typical duties and responsibilities of graduate assistants may include:

  • teaching/supervising a lecture or a laboratory section under the direction of a faculty member

  • assisting in research projects for a department or individual faculty member

  • grading papers and developing curriculum materials

  • performing limited clerical duties

More information about assistantships can be found in the graduate assistant handbook.  To apply for a graduate assistantship, check with your department for their specific application procedures. If requested, a graduate assistantship application can found on the forms page.

Open positions are listed at the bottom of this page. Also check with your advisor, department, or NMU's job search site Handshake for any open positions. Follow all of the instructions specified by the department and/or listed in the posting.

Note that accepting a NMU graduate assistantship makes you ineligible to work in any other position or additional hours on campus during your contracted dates.


To be considered for a graduate assistantship position, you must follow the instructions of the department's posting in addition to meeting the conditions listed below.

You must:
1) Be admitted to a master's level program without any conditions (graduate certificate and non-degree seeking students are not eligible for these positions)
2) Have a 3.0 GPA or higher in all graduate-level coursework
3) Follow any additional application instructions specified by the department
4) Provide materials relevant to employment experience (such as resume, CV, etc.)

The department may require that you also provide:
1) The graduate assistantship application

2) Provide three letters of recommendation (If your admission letters of recommendation are on file in the graduate office, you may ask for them to be forwarded to the department where you are applying.)

3) A cover letter detailing your reasons for seeking the position

NOTE: Students are restricted to a maximum of two years as a graduate assistant unless specified by the department due to length of degree program.


International Students:

International students are eligible for Graduate Assistantships once they are admitted to the University. They must abide by the rules and laws set out by their visa status. If a student is unsure about the guidelines of their visa, they should contact the International Education Services Office.



Graduate Assistantship Positions

This list is not definitive. Please check with your department for open positions and application procedures. This link will lead you to a list of departments who have hired research and administrative GAs in the past. 

Graduate Student Worker positions (which are not graduate assistantships) will also be posted when available. See Career Services also for assistantships other employment opportunities. Note that the acceptance of a graduate assistantship makes you ineligible for most other NMU positions during your contracted dates.


Open Graduate Assistant Positions for 2019-2020 Academic Year:


Fall 2019 Openings:


Graduate Administrative Assistant

Social Work Department

Contact Abigail Wyche at for information and application instructions.