Executive Committee

Isabella Elya - President

Isabella is a first-year graduate student seeking a Masters in General Psychology. She went to Ferris State University and graduated May 2015 with a dual Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She hopes to earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Bella’s plans for the Graduate Student Association is to raise awareness about it, bring graduate students out and introduce them to each other in fun and exciting programs, and promote volunteering across Marquette. You can email Isabella at ielya@nmu.edu.

Brandon Kwak – Vice President

Brandon Kwak is first-year graduate student pursuing a Masters in General Psychology. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in counseling from Lake Superior State University. He plans to earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology. His plans for the Graduate Student Association are to engage with graduate students as well as each other, promoting professional development, and volunteer work. You can email Brandon at bkwak@nmu.edu.


We're still looking for a secretary/treasurer and social chair! If you're interested in filling either of these positions, please email us at gsa@nmu.edu.