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Graduate education can help you get to the next level in your professional career. Our programs are designed to engage you in an active faculty-student exchange of ideas and to provide you with extensive hands-on learning and high-caliber research opportunities. Faculty members challenge and support students to deliver their top performance, enabling students to get the most out of their graduate school experience. When students complete their programs, they are prepared to take the next step in their professional careers. 

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Mission Statement

The Office of Graduate Education and Research at Northern Michigan University encourages an education that

  1. Upgrades professional competence by providing programs designed to train for careers in a wide variety of areas

  2. Prepares individuals for advanced academic work, particularly in the academic disciplines

  3. Provides research opportunities such that the student becomes knowledgeable regarding research techniques and participates actively in research

  4. Serves the unique needs of students by providing post-baccalaureate educational opportunities for individuals and groups at convenient geographic locations and times

  5. Serves the university and the student by

    1. Providing a synergy between undergraduate and graduate student learning and faculty research

    2. Contributing to the provision of a cost-effective education that enhances learning and career opportunities for future success in both the realm of the discipline and society's ever-evolving demands


Meet The Office

Information on who to direct your inquiries towards to best answer your questions can be found here.


Lisa EckertLisa Eckert 

Dean of Graduate Studies and Research



Virtual Office Hours:

By Appointment

Heather PickettHeather Pickett

Director of McNair Scholars Program



Virtual Office Hours:

10am - 12pm

Erica GoffErica Goff

Director of Grants & Contracts



Virtual Office Hours:

By Appointment

Janelle TaylorJanelle Taylor

Coordinator of Graduate Student and Research Affairs



Virtual Office Hours:

By Appointment

Lindsay HaukkalaLindsay Haukkala​​​​​​

McNair Coordinator



Virtual Office Hours:                                            1pm - 3pm

Kristin BeckKristin Beck

Assistant Director of Grant Development/ Training Coordinator



Virtual Office Hours:

10am - 12pm

Mollyann Howe

Principal Secretary



Virtual Office Hours:

1pm - 3pm

Helen BicigoHelen Bicigo

Executive Secretary



Virtual Office Hours:

By Appointment

Adam D. Klingspon

Graduate Administrative Assistant



Virtual Office Hours:

By Appointment


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