2020 - 2021 Graduate Bulletin

Transfer Credit

More than 50 percent of the minimum credits for graduate degrees must be Northern Michigan University credits. To be accepted the following must occur:

  1. The student must be in good standing in the college or university from which credit is transferred.
  2. Courses to be transferred must carry a grade of “B” or better.
  3. Courses to be transferred must be appropriate to the graduate program as determined by the program adviser.
  4. Credit must have been earned within the past seven years.
  5. Official transcripts must have been received by the Office of Graduate Education before transfer credit can be awarded.
  6. All transfer credit must be reviewed by the student’s adviser and approved by the Dean of Graduate Education and Research. The necessary documentation must be provided by the student.
  7. Transfer grades will not be used in calculating the grade-point average required for graduation.

The transfer credit form is to be completed by the adviser and submitted to the Office of Graduate Education.  This form will be used by the adviser and department to signify approval of the appropriateness of all courses.