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Note: Students who are granted teaching assistantships are required to take EN 509 Teaching Colloquium (4 cr.) during their first semester. This course will count as a General Elective.

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Capstone Project Options

EN 591 Practicum (1-6 cr.)

Sometimes an appropriate form for a student’s final project is a practicum or practical experience. Students who complete a practicum as their capstone project must work with a faculty supervisor or a site supervisor on a defined project approved by the thesis selection committee that meets objectives suitable to the student’s ability and goals. The prospectus for a practicum should be three to five pages long and include objectives, nature of activities, a description of the site and the participants. The project will include 50 practical hours for each hour of academic credit, a concluding report of 35-40 pages, which must include the original prospectus, the data and materials generated, samples of writing produced, as well as conclusions on the effectiveness of the project.

EN 592 Portfolio Project (0 cr.)

A long thesis, research project or internship may not be the best capstone alternative for particular students, such as current teachers, technical writers or administrators. Such students might benefit more from additional course work and a portfolio development project. EN 592 Portfolio Project requires at least two exemplary works of scholarly or professional writing within the student's chosen concentration. The portfolio should be a minimum of 30 pages. Papers may be new works or revisions of previously written papers. 

EN 594 Professional Essay (1-4 cr.)

The student will write an essay suitable for publication under the guidance of a faculty director. The essay topic and scope must be approved by the capstone director and the English Graduate Studies Committee. Appropriate capstone forms must be approved at least one semester prior to final submission. The student should consult with the department and the College of Graduate Studies for specific requirements.

EN 599A Thesis (1-8 cr.)

This option requires a thesis chair and a reader. A 500-word proposal is submitted to the thesis selection committee. The thesis will focus in the student’s area of concentration: Writing and Literacy Studies or Literature.