2020 - 2021 Graduate Bulletin


Course Description

NU 750 Clinical Capstone 1 cr. (0-0-1)

  • Graded: A/F
  • Prerequisite: NU 552, NU 554, NU 541, NU 726, NU 815, NU 742, NU 743, NU 744, NU 745 NU 746, NU 747, NU 749 and CLS 536

This course is designed to refine and build on skills developed in NU 749. The graduate nursing student will design, select and implement health promotion/disease prevention interventions using simulated and standardized patients. Emphasis will be placed on proper assessment, diagnosis, and management of common illnesses across the lifespan. CT, MRI, and x-ray images will be examined in detail in addition to suturing techniques.