2021 - 2022 Graduate Bulletin


Course Description

ATR 560 Therapeutic Exercise 4 cr. (3-0-2)

  • Graded: A/F
  • Prerequisite: ATR 521

This course will teach theory and hands-on skills necessary for the integration and application of therapeutic exercise into the treatment and rehabilitation protocols used by athletic trainers and other sports medicine professionals.  This course will cover the use of (but not necessarily limited to) the following therapeutic interventions:  Techniques to reduce pain, limit edema, restore joint mobility, restore muscle extensibility, restore neuromuscular function, improve strength, endurance, speed and power, improve balance, neuromuscular control, coordination and agility, improve gait, posture and body mechanics, improve cardiovascular fitness, understand functional exercises (eg:  sports specific activity), develop exercises which comprise home based programs, utilize aquatic therapy rehabilitation techniques, etc..