2019 - 2020 Graduate Bulletin

Admission Dates

Applicants for admission to graduate programs must submit complete application forms, all official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all institutions attended, test scores, and other required supportive papers to the Office of Graduate Education.

Unless otherwise specified by individual departments, applications are processed on a rolling basis. All required documents must be received before the application file will be reviewed by the department for admission.

2019 - 20 Academic Year Start Date
Fall Semester Monday, August 26, 2019
Winter Semester Monday, January 13, 2020
Summer Session I Monday, May 28, 2020
Summer Session II Monday, Jume 29, 2020

International students must apply for admission one year prior to their expected start date to ensure sufficient time for application processing. A graduate student retains active admission status for three years from the time of the first semester completion or from the date of last enrollment in graduate courses. Complete withdrawal from the university, graduation, or suspension/dismissal will inactivate student status and will require an application and/or appeal approval to be re-admitted.

Applications from undergraduate students who have not completed course work for their bachelor's degree will be processed only if the student is in his or her final semester of undergraduate course work. Admission to graduate programs for these students will be on a conditional basis, and students will be required to furnish a final transcript for their undergraduate work once their degree is posted on their transcript. The NMU academic department into which the student has conditionally been admitted will review the final transcript. If acceptable, the student's admission status will be changed to regular.

Graduate students who are in a degree-seeking program, but have not taken classes in three years or more, must reactivate their files before enrolling in graduate courses by completing another admission application (no re-admission application fee is required).