About Gender & Sexuality Studies


Our Mission

To empower students to engage critically with constructions of gender and sexuality.


Challenge the Way You See Yourself and the World

The Gender & Sexuality Studies minor curriculum challenges students to think critically and communicate effectively about constructions of gender and sexuality and their intersections with categories such as race, class, ethnicity, religion, nationality, and age. This dynamic, interdisciplinary program will equip students with the knowledge and abilities to recognize gender- and sexuality-based inequalities and work toward positive change in the community and wider world. It is an area of study from which everyone–and every major­–benefits.


We Believe that Compassion Leads to Justice, and that Compassion Comes from Understanding

Through courses in the GSS minor students will explore the meaning and significance of gender and sexuality in human experience from an interdisciplinary perspective. Coursework combines the perspectives of women’s studies, feminist studies, lesbian and gay studies, queer studies, and masculinity studies to give a broad perspective on domains such as gender roles, sexuality and social status. The interdisciplinary focus of this minor provides students with an appreciation of the diversity of approaches to studying gender, and the opportunity to integrate these approaches for a deeper understanding of the role of gender and sexuality in society. Competency in both gender and sexuality issues and the complex dominance and subordination effects of gender roles will help prepare students for both graduate training and employment.