FROST Merchandise


FROST merchandise is available as depicted below. For questions, please email To order, please use the Merchandise Order Form. Please note that a $5 shipping fee will be added to the total amount of the order.


FROST Winter Hat  $15.00

Hat is a beanie style, one size fits all. Grey color with black and white embroidered official FROST logo on front. 

FROST Winter Hat

FROST Hat  $15.00

Hat is one size fits all, with adjustable clasp at back. Beige color with black and white embroidered official FROST logo on front. 

Front of hat with logo Side of hat

Back of hat with adjustable clasp

                               Front                                    Side                 Back with adjustable clasp


FROST Patch  $5.00

Patch is embroidered with green, yellow, white, and black with official FROST logo. Patch measures approximately 2.5" in diameter.

FROST patch


FROST Sticker  $3.00

Black and white sticker with official FROST logo. Sticker measures approximately 3.5" in diameter. 

FROST sticker


FROST Pen  $2.00

Pen with official FROST logo in color and contact information, with comfort grip. Ink is black.



FROST Challenge Coin (only available for law enforcement members)  $10.00

Gold plated challenge coin with the FROST logo on one side and a depiction of the Superior Dome on the other. Green around the outside rim. 
Law enforcement exclusive to add to your challenge coin collection. Comes with plastic protector.
FROST challenge coin. FROST logo side. FROST challenge coin. Superior Dome side.
                    FROST Logo - Front                     Superior Dome - Back