Consulting and Forensic Services

Dr. Jane (Wankmiller) Harris is available for professional consulting on forensic anthropology matters. These services are offered to law enforcement, medicolegal death investigators, and lawyers. They are based on Dr. (Wankmiller) Harris's expertise in Forensic Anthropology. All of the fees listed will be turned over to FROST to assist with laboratory and research functions. 

Expert consultation and expert witness testimony services are also available as part of Dr. (Wankmiller) Harris's role as a professional forensic anthropologist.

Please see below for services and the associated fees. Should you have any questions or a request for services, please contact Dr. (Wankmiller) Harris at or 906-227-1148.


Activity or Service

2018-2019 Fee



No fee unless report requested ($50 for report)


Search & Recovery

No fee


Biological Profile & Positive ID



Skeletal Analysis (Trauma, Pathology, etc.)



3-D Forensic Facial Reconstruction



2-D Forensic Facial Reconstruction



Face Image Comparison

$50/hour + expenses

(1 hour minimum)


Expert Consultation

$100/hour + expenses

(1 hour minimum)


Expert Witness Testimony

$100/hour + expenses

(1 hour minimum)