Freshman Fellows Research Projects

Fellows conduct research all across campus in all departments. Read on for more on individual student projects and their collaboration with faculty at NMU. For more information on faculty research interests at NMU, download our faculty research interests directory

2018/19 Research

Isabella Oldani from Chesterfield, Michigan worked with Dr. Paul Mann in the Clinical Lab Sciences department. Her research poster presentation entitled "Primer Assessment for a Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for Glioblastoma Multiforme" won first place in the undergraduate lower division poster competition.

Annika Desai from McFarland, Wisconsin worked with Dr. Kurt Galbreath in the NMU Biology Department. She presented her research project, "A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Parasitic Pinworm Eugenuris sp. in Ochotona sp." at NMU's Celebration of Student Scholarship. Her poster won 2nd place in the undergraduate lower division poster competition! 



Julia Soma from Black Creek, Wisconsin worked with Dr. Neil Cumberlidge in the NMU Crab Lab. She presented on her project, entitled "Descriptions of Four New Genera of Freshwater Crabs from Madagascar Based on Morphological and Molecular Evidence" at NMU's 24th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship in April of 2019. Dr. Cumberlidge is a leading expert on freshwater crabs of South Africa and typically engages a few undergraduate and graduate students in research at the crab lab. 


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