Current Scholarships

J. D. Pierce School Scholarship

Established in 1997 by former students of the J.D. Pierce School on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

2017 2018 - $500 per year ($250 per semester)
Yes. The scholarship will be automatically renewed (max of 2 years) if student maintains eligibility as specified in the criteria. Students do NOT need to reapply.
Class status:
Require Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Freshmen, transfer or current NMU students
Financial need:
Require U.P.
Upper Peninsula high school graduate
Additional Requirements
Student must be a direct descendant of graduates of J.D. Pierce School. If more than one candidate qualifies, the award will go to the student with the highest high school GPA, or cumulative college GPA for transfer students. If no descendants of graduates are qualified, then descendants of attendees may qualify. If more than one of THESE qualify, the years of attendance of the relative, and the GPA of the applying student will break the tie. If no candidates from descendants qualify at all, students in the Education program may receive the award.

Information on applying for Donor-funded Scholarships can be found on the NMU Financial Aid Website under "Sources of Aid."