Couch Exhibit Gallery

Welcome to the online exhibit of The Couch Show.

In the fall of 2010, the NMU Foundation and a creative team of art and design majors embarked upon a campaign to raise student awareness of the many ways in which private giving creates financial and academic opportunities and sustains the NMU experience. The resulting BECAUSE OF YOU campus campaign helped students think about what programs and experiences they valued most and how the generosity of alumni and other donors helped make them possible.

The more students learned about private giving during the campaign, the more they expressed a desire to communicate to friends and alumni their own reasons for coming to NMU and the impact that the university was having on their lives. In response to this, THE COUCH SHOW was launched.

 More than 270 students had their photos taken in various locations around campus, on an eighties-era couch that was carted around to each photo shooting session. Each student filled out a comment card about their NMU experience, which asked them to complete the sentence, "I'm here because ________." These expressions of pride, humor, inspiration and determination are celebrated in this exhibit, a collaborative effort between the NMU Foundation, Student Promotional Services, the Student Photographic Society and the Student Art Gallery.

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