Where to Give

For Justin Segula, fellow graduate student Steve Davis, undergraduates Jessica Karasiewicz, Amanda Moraska, Cory Peronto and other team members, the ongoing collaboration between the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center at Marquette General Hospital and Northern Michigan University represents an incredible opportunity. They are active participants in research that examines the genetics of primary brain tumors and may discover pathways that will ultimately lead to new treatment approaches and more effective care for patients.

In addition, the program allows them to participate in "hands-on" research and to acquire knowledge and experience at a level that will give them a competitive advantage as they pursue their careers.

The research is led by Dr. Robert Winn, Ph.D. of the NMU Biology Department in collaboration with Marquette General Hospital neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Rovin, MD, FACS. Dr. Rovin was instrumental in creating the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center in 2005. Since that time, he and Dr. Winn have been working to develop innovative treatment for brain tumors. Their work has been recognized nationally and received the 2007 Brain Lab Community Neurosurgery Research Award.

Justin and pre-dental graduate student, Stephen Davis, will be defending their theses and will be presenting their research at the Annual American Association of Neurological Surgeons conference in April.