Research Blooming at NMU

Adrienne Bozic
Graduate student Adrienne Bozic

Finding a needle in a haystack is tough. Finding one rare flower in a national park is even tougher.

This past summer, graduate student Adrienne Bozic had to cover a lot of ground to do just that - and for good reason. "I partnered with the National Park Service to locate and research a rare state-listed plant species," Adrienne explains, "The rarity of the plant makes the research a challenge, but the Pictured Rocks National Park provides a pristine wealth of nature and resources for this project."

Cypripedium arietinum

The focus of Adrienne's research is the Cypripedium arietinum, also known as the Ram's-head Lady's-slipper.

By the time she finished her search this past summer, Adrienne had discovered eight new populations of the rare flowering plant. "Once I discovered these populations, I focused on how the species survived in its environment. Now I can offer recommendations for park services to better understand how to protect the species, and help it thrive."

To begin her project, Adrienne's academic ability and preparedness earned her the Sigma Xi research scholarship. The scholarship, funded by the annual giving program's Graduate Scholarship Fund, proved crucial to the success of her work. "This scholarship greatly increased the hours and resources I have been able to dedicate to my project. I wouldn't have been able to collect nearly as much data otherwise," she said.

According to Adrienne, the project will also continue to raise Northern's profile in the global research community and increase opportunities for further partnerships and collaborations.

What is the Graduate Scholarship Fund?

The Graduate Scholarship Fund allows donors to make an immediate impact on current NMU graduate students. Gifts directed toward this fund enable the College of Graduate Studies and Research to expand research initiatives, enhance career development and provide critical scholarship funding.