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NMU Financial Trading LabThe NMU Financial Trading Lab allows students to simulate the purchase and sale of stocks and bonds, perform financial analysis and research firm performance using continuous-feed financial data. The Lab is designed so that students gain practical skills related to finance, portfolio and risk management and financial trading. Lab activity is incorporated into the curriculum. The Lab is equipped with 25 workstations. Each workstation features software systems that are commonly used in the industry and each receives real-time financial data from world markets.

The lab has 24 student stations and one faculty station. Data boards, 24 hour news channel on television, and a continuously running ticker tape creates the drama and exciting atmosphere typical of real world stock markets

The lab complements the student-managed Superior Fund and provides hands-on learning experience comparable to anywhere in the world.

“With this lab, NMU is in the distinguished company of such institutions as MIT, Penn State, the University of Michigan and the University of Texas.”

Dean of the College of Business, Raj Sanyal

NMU Financial Trading Lab

"The education and training for careers in business increasingly have a real-world component to complement classroom instruction," says Raj Sanyal, dean of the College of Business. "This setup is similar to large brokerage firms. It reflects Northern's high-tech environment and promotes teaching and research.”

Together with the student-managed Superior Fund, the Financial Trading lab is preparing Northern’s students to compete successfully for the best jobs in the country’s most prestigious banking and financial firms.

In addition, the Lab is a resource for area businesses, schools and the broader community, creating opportunities for training and internships and for teaching financial literacy.