Beaumier Heritage Center

The Beaumier Heritage Center


The Beaumier Heritage Center was made possible through a gift from John Beaumier '53 and his family. Daniel Truckey, Director/Curator of the Beaumier Heritage Center, says that the Center will be more than just a museum gallery. “Our plan is to create a very active programming entity here on campus that serves the students, staff and public. In addition to historical exhibitions, we are planning festivals, concerts, and possibly a film series. More importantly, the Heritage Center will be a laboratory for students interested in museums. They will be involved in the planning and implementation of our exhibitions and programming. In addition, we are planning to offer opportunities for students to do internships at museums throughout the Upper Peninsula.”

Truckey says that an institution like the Beaumier Heritage Center is important for many reasons. “There has never been a museum dedicated to the entire scope of Upper Peninsula history, in particular the people who have lived here for literally centuries. The Upper Peninsula deserves such an institution and it is increasingly important at this time. The UP is such a special place and in an age where everything is so dominated by a larger culture, we need to preserve our culture and even help it thrive. That’s what the Beaumier Heritage Center is all about.”