A Lifetime of Giving

Bobbie and Frank Young reflect on their philanthropic journey

Frank & Roberta Young

"We hope everyone will recognize the importance of giving to NMU. No matter the amount, if you can give, you should."

When Bobbie and Frank Young graduated, they were already thinking about how they could make a difference at NMU.

They knew it might be a little while until they got settled and on their feet financially, but they were determined to give. And for the past 24 years, they have been doing just that.

"We give because we can." say the couple, both 1958 graduates of NMU. "We are fortunate to be able to give every year, and when we visit with current students, we know it's making a difference. They are remarkably driven and focused."

Frank quickly learned the value of his NMU degree when he began working. "My company needed someone who could think independently, and more importantly, it needed someone who could learn, and quickly. NMU couldn't have prepared me better."

And now, the Youngs are doing what they can to make sure today's NMU students get the same preparation.

"NMU needs to attract the best and brightest students from around the country, and it also needs to nurture those who need some financial assistance," Frank explains. "Private support can do both of these things. And in today's world, we can no longer depend solely on state support. It's a reality we must all recognize and acknowledge."

Bobbie and Frank contribute in other ways as well. Frank is currently serving on the NMU Foundation Board of Trustees, and he and Bobbie are lifetime members of the NMU Alumni Association. They also purchase season NMU hockey tickets and donate them as gifts to the Salvation Army.