The First Nighters Club

Student Theatre

The First Nighters Club is made up of person's, organizations, and businesses who love the theatre and want the student artists of the Forest Roberts Theatre program to receive first-class professional training on stage, backstage and in the classroom. Our purpose is to support the Forest Roberts Theatre program at Northern Michigan University, ensuring that it continues to provide the student body with a quality and progressive education in theatre arts, and the community with innovative and high quality University theatre productions. Our goal is to ensure and maintain the artistic quality of FRT productions for NMU, Marquette and the surrounding region. The First Nighters Club also provides educational program for Upper Peninsula theatregoers and supports innovative, creative and challenging theatre productions. Your contribution to the FNC helps us promote and support a wide range of activities in which the Forest Roberts Theatre is engaged to enrich the cultural life within our community.

Benefits to Students--The First Nighters Club supports theatre students in many ways, such as:

  • Talent scholarships
  • Tuition and fees for Graduate Artistic Interns
  • Support for designers, critics and actors to attend and participate in the Regional Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival
  • Audition fees for state, regional and national auditions
  • Annual "Outstanding Achievement" awards
  • Academic Achievement Recognition
  • New York and Stratford Field Studies scholarships

Special Events--The First Nighters Club also hosts several special events throughout the year, including:

  • Sneak Preview Luncheons
  • Backstage Tours
  • Post-Production Discussions
  • Receptions for Playwriting Award winner and guest artists
  • Annual musical fund-raising Cabaret
  • Senior Performance Reception

Benefits to the Theatre--The First Nighters Club has financed several theatre improvements:

  • Wireless microphones
  • Lighting instruments
  • Wireless intercom/headset system
  • Lighting/sound equipment for the Black Box Theatre

The First Nighters Club supports the NMU theatre program. Find more information here.