Audition and Casting Policies

Auditions and Casting

  • All students enrolled at NMU, regardless of major, are eligible to audition for any mainstage or lab/studio production.
  • At the discretion of the director, auditions for a mainstage production may be opened to NMU faculty, staff and members of the community.
  • NMU faculty and staff and members of the community are eligible to audition for all lab/studio productions.
  • Casting decisions are made by the director of each production, according to the needs of the production. All other factors being equal, students will be given preference in casting. The decision of the director is final.
  • Theatre students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to be eligible to audition. All students cast in a production must maintain university eligibility requirements (sufficient academic progress).
  • Theatre majors and students receiving theatre scholarships are required to accept any role which they are offered.


  • Rehearsals for mainstage productions are usually held in the evening. They usually start between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., and run for up to four hours. Weekend rehearsal times will be determined by the director of the individual production. Directors will make time changes as needed.
  • Rehearsal times for lab/studio productions will be determined by the director of each production. 

General Rehearsal and Performance Rules

These rules apply to all productions in the Forest Roberts Theatre and James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre. Additional rules may be added by the director.

The following behavior is unprofessional and will result in dismissal from the cast or crew:

  • One unexcused absence from a scheduled rehearsal or crew call.
  • Three unexcused latenesses for scheduled rehearsals or crew calls.
  • Possession, use or abuse of drugs or alcohol on the premises of the Forest Roberts Theatre.
  • Stealing, defacing or destroying personal or university property.
  • A major violation of the Forest Roberts Theatre Code of Ethics.

Each company member is expected to monitor the above behavior and, if necessary, to report a breach of conduct immediately to the director, the technical director, the production stage manager or the director of the Forest Roberts Theatre. 

Cast members may be removed from a production by the director or by action of the theatre faculty. Crew members may be removed by the technical director or the production stage manager.

Any cast or crew member who is removed from a production has the right to appeal through the Theatre Ethics Committee. The committee consists of the director of Forest Roberts Theatre, the technical director, a graduate theatre student and an undergraduate theatre major.