What Students Say

What NMU students are saying about the FYE Blocks...


"At the very least, it helps you meet people and form study groups you can continue with into the next semesters."

"Having a block with the same group of people made the transition a little easier because it helped make friends."

"I enjoyed having the same people in mostly all of my classes."

"I LOVED having a blocked class. It allowed me to get to know a lot of people instead of being one person in a crowd."

"I loved our TA for this class. He was well rounded and able to help us and encourage us with every aspect."

"Our TA was very open to the idea of helping us with whatever we needed and she offered a lot of on campus helping aids too."

"I would recommend this to incoming freshman…in the long run it'll help you!"

"It was a good class to help adjust to college life and to learn a little about ourselves…"

"She taught us a lot that we need to know about the campus. This class helped us ease in to the "college life".

"This class is very good and has helped me when deciding on my career path. The guest speakers are a huge help!"

"I would recommend taking part in FYE to all incoming freshmen students."

"It's definitely something that all freshmen should consider. It is a great way to make some awesome friends and make the transition."

"FYE made transitioning from high school to college easier."