FYP Instruction- Student Involvement

College prepares you to earn a living. Ideally, it also prepares you for life. Whether in the workplace or as a citizen, leadership will be an enormous asset. You will face challenges that you cannot meet by yourself. You will need the assistance of others. You will have to lead.

■ Student Enrichment at NMU

Dave Bonsall- Director, Student Enrichment Center

We are: * Academic Service Learning * Greek Affairs * Health Promotion * Leadership Programs * NMU Volunteer Center * Student Activities * Student Leader Fellowship Program * Student Organizations * Superior Edge * which translates into:

  • Leadership

  • Service

  • Wellness

  • Fun!

  • Real World Experiences

  • Citizenship

  • Activities

  • Appreciating Diversity

  • Friendships

  • Personal Growth and memories that will last a lifetime!

The Center for Student Enrichment seeks to provide you, the students of Northern Michigan University, with a variety of extracurricular and classroom-connected experiences that will enable you to grow personally and professionally, connect with the campus and surrounding communities, and more thoroughly enjoy the college experience. In the process, we will seek to help you develop the skills and awareness required to be an effective leader and an engaged citizen.

As a student who is new to Northern Michigan University, there are several things that you are encouraged to do:

■ Join a Student Organization

Joining a student organization is an easy and exciting way to become involved on campus. Benefits of joining a student organization on campus can include:

  1. Getting to know faculty and students in your field of study.

  2. Taking part in some excellent community service projects as a group.

  3. Having the opportunity to explore, celebrate, and appreciate different cultures represented at NMU.

  4. Having input and influence on decisions affecting student life through student government.

  5. Helping to plan entertainment and major campus events.

  6. Joining new sports clubs and meeting friends.

  7. Building and creating a resume.

  8. Improving your leadership skills and abilities.

  9. Learning how to be an effective team player.

  10. Having fun/new experiences.

  11. Applying much of what you do to the Superior Edge.

The 280+ student organizations at NMU fall under 13 categories. These categories are:

  1. Academic Related Organizations-Joining the academic student organization from your major or minor is a great way to meet the faculty and other students in your department.

  2. Campus Media- NMU's campus media has provided very effective vehicles for communication on campus.

  3. Community Service Organizations-Providing community service is a great way to give something back while being able to "learn by doing" at the same time.

  4. Diversity Promotion Groups-These groups bring their culture and practice to campus and make them available to all students.

  5. Greeks-The premier attraction to Greek organizations is a sense of sisterhood or brotherhood that members enjoy.

  6. Honor Societies-Honor societies offer students who are academically successful a chance to meet students with similar interests.

  7. Intramural Sports-Learn new sports, exercise, and have fun while being provided with a great opportunity to meet others.

  8. Programming Organizations-NMU's programming organizations offer a diverse range of campus programs that include concerts, comedians, lectures, a wide range of films, and theme weeks.

  9. Special Interest Groups-NMU students have formed a number of student organizations to pursue special interests and concerns.

  10. Special Opportunities-Check out these exciting opportunities available to you that are not student organizations.

  11. Spiritual Clubs and Organizations-Through these groups you can meet others of your current faith or explore other modes of spirituality.

  12. Sports Clubs-These groups are a great way to be involved in sports at a level other than varsity sports.

  13. Student Government-Student government organizations give students a great opportunity to hold leadership positions and have an impact on NMU.

Even if you do not belong to one of these organizations, you can easily find out about special events and programs on campus. Check out the posting areas in the residence halls, Learning Resources Center, and in the academic departments. Sign up to be on a campus-wide e-mail list with bi-weekly activities being posted (cse@nmu.edu).

For more information on how to join a student organization or to start your own, contact the Center for Student Enrichment at (906) 227-2439, cse@nmu.edu, 1205 University Center, or check out our website at http://www.nmu.edu/cse.

■ Picture Yourself in the Student Leader Fellowship Program

"In my experience, the Student Leader Fellowship Program isn't just a program, retreat, great people, or leadership opportunity; it's an entire experience a person can't understand unless they are a part of it."

-Amanda Frederick, Fuchsia Block

No matter what your career plans are or where you end up living, you will be called upon many times in your life to take on a leadership role. Why not be a confident, capable, and skilled leader who knows how to involve others and produce results? The Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP) at Northern Michigan University is a nationally recognized program that accepts 50-55 students for an exciting, challenging, fun, and life-changing two-year experience. To be eligible for the SLFP, completion of at least two semesters at a college or university is required along with a 2.30 GPA and the ability to make a two-year commitment (you can apply during your second semester). Plus, you will be completing the Citizenship and Leadership Edges for the Superior Edge through your participation in the SLFP. Components of the Student Leader Fellowship Program include an overnight Fall Retreat, the two-credit Leadership Theory and Practice Course, a mentoring relationship with a community leader, Skill Builder! workshops, and a year-long Community Service Internship. For more information regarding the Student Leader Fellowship Program, please call (906) 227-1771, e-mail slfp@nmu.edu, stop by 1206 University Center, or check out our website at http://www.nmu.edu/cse/slfp.

■ Try out a Skill Builder! Workshop

Skill Builders! are a dynamic series of 25-35 workshops open to all students on broad and far-reaching aspects of leadership that are offered each semester. Topics have included public speaking, diversity issues, working with youth, assertiveness, teambuilding, and communication. "Special interest" presentations have included rock climbing, ropes courses, and rappelling. Students are free to attend whenever they are interested. Call

(906) 227-1771 or e-mail slfp@nmu.edu to receive a Skill Builder! booklet or to register for a workshop.

■ Get Involved with the NMU Volunteer Center

First and foremost, lending a helping hand is the right thing to do-it says volumes about who you are. By giving back to your community, you meet new people, make a difference in other's lives, have an opportunity to share your skills with others, have fun, and develop valuable leadership and communication skills that will help you later in life. Volunteering is a great way to gain work experience and explore career options.

NMU students contribute approximately 12,000 hours of community service every year to Marquette and the surrounding communities. You can get involved by contacting the NMU Volunteer Center at (906) 227-2466, volctr@nmu.edu, 1205 University Center, or http://www.nmu.edu/cse/vc. Ask to be added to the NMU Volunteer Center's Volunteer Update e-mail list.

■ Enroll in Superior Edge

"For everyone out there trying to think of not only how they can get involved with the world in which they live but also how to get recognition and credit for their experiences, I highly recommend Superior Edge. Superior Edge has allowed me to give structure to the activities I engage myself in and also has forced me to go beyond the surface level in thinking about these activities and what effect they have had in my life. For those who are not yet sure of what they want to do with their lives, the only advice I can give is to go for it, whatever it is. If you try everything that Superior Edge suggests, you will undoubtedly find something for yourself along the way."

-Shawn Brown, Superior Edge Graduate

Superior Edge is a one-of-a-kind initiative found only at Northern Michigan University. Superior Edge provides you with a great way to keep track of your activities and involvements and channel them into an applied area that will give you an "edge" when applying for a job or graduate school.

After attending an orientation session, you'll log your 100 or more hours on-line in any or all of the four edges:

Citizenship- become an engaged, involved citizen

Diversity- develop sensitivity and awareness of domestic and global diversity issues

Leadership- learn competent, ethical, and effective leadership skills

Real World- relate classroom theory to workplace practice in real-world settings

Then you'll write a reflection paper on your experiences. You'll get credit on your student enrichment transcript (which is attached to your academic transcript). Complete all four edges, and you'll earn the special honor of having "Superior Edge" status.

For more information, contact Superior Edge at (906) 227-6543, edge@nmu.edu, 1206 University Center, or check out our website at http://www.nmu.edu/superioredge.

■ Why Not You? Why Now?

Student organizations, leadership opportunities, and volunteering are all excellent ways to get connected to campus, meet new people, and make memories that will last a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Get active, get involved today!