First Year Experience

Students on Black RocksNorthern Michigan University's First Year Experience (FYE) program is designed to help you make a successful transition to NMU.   FYE provides incoming freshman with the opportunity for early registration in a subject-specific block of courses.  In addition to courses in the major, each block also contains a UN 100 Freshman Seminar course that connects students with peers and faculty who share academic interests.

NMU is proud to be one of the growing number of schools across the country to focus on the success of first-year students. FYE is open to all full-time freshmen who have been admitted in one of three ways:

  • Good Standing
  • Freshman Probation
  • College Transitions

Students admitted to NMU in good standing are eligible to self-select into one of our First Year Experience blocks.  Applicants for baccalaureate and non-baccalaureate programs who do not meet all of the criteria for the program for which they are applying will be considered by the Admissions Review Committee. Applicants may be asked to take a pre-admission test or supply further information. A review of the applicant's academic background and potential for success may result in admission into the applicant's program of choice, admission on Freshman Probation, or into the College Transitions Program. Students may be asked to agree to certain conditions as part of their enrollment.

Note: Students may be admitted to the university in good standing, admitted on probation, or admitted with restriction to a specific program. When a student is admitted, the admission is to the university. Academic departments may have additional requirements for admission to specific programs (such as nursing, business, education, etc.). Academic departments inform students of these requirements.

Program Goals

NMU's First Year Experience program is designed with three goals in mind:

  1. To help students develop strategies and attitudes to maximize academic success;
  2. To familiarize students with campus resources and how to use them;
  3. To assist students in developing positive relationships with faculty, staff, student leaders and peers.
If you have questions you can call the First Year Programs Office at 906-227-1700 or send an e-mail to and we will be happy to assist you.