Satisfactory Academic Progress is REQUIRED!

You must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid. Please read NMU's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. The key points are:

  • Students must earn at least 67 percent of the credit hours which they attempt at NMU for each program level.
  • Undergraduate students must maintain a 2.00 cumulative NMU grade point average.  Graduate students must maintain a 3.00 cumulative NMU grade point average.
  • Bachelor and associate degree students are limited to receiving aid for up to 150% of the credit hours required for their program of study. Students changing majors will be limited to financial aid for up to 150% of the number of credits required for their new program (including all previous credit hours attempted, regardless of the major declared at the time).

Students not meeting these requirements will have the right to appeal their loss of eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Start the process all over for the next year

Keep in mind that applying for financial aid is not a one-time process. You must submit a FAFSA for each year you wish to be considered for financial aid. But now that you know the steps of the process, it should be less complicated each year. However, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the NMU Financial Aid office at fao@nmu.edu or 906-227-2327.

Other Reminders