How And When Do You Receive Your Financial Aid

All scholarships, grants and/or loans will be applied to your tuition and fee charges first.  All Institutional, State and Federal awards will be applied to student accounts held within the Student Service Center no earlier than ten (10) days before the beginning of each semester. Once the semester begins aid will typically be applied daily, if applicable.  Aid in this category may include awards such as a University scholarship or grant, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, or Federal Direct Loan.

Any financial aid (other than employment) that exceeds your tuition costs will be applied to your total housing or rental charges for the semester (provided you are living in a residence hall or university apartment).

You will be billed by the university for the balance if your financial aid (other than employment) is not sufficient to cover all of your charges.

Students who have financial aid in excess of their NMU bill and who have completed all of their financial aid requirements can typically expect overages to be available beginning the Friday before the first day of the semester. A refund will be made within 14 days for any student with a credit balance.

If you work as a Federal Work-Study(FWS) employee, you will be paid throughout the academic year on a bi-weekly basis. You will only be paid for what you have earned. The amount of your FWS award does not get applied to your tuition and fees or room and board charges.

Financial aid cannot be used to cover your first housing or rental payment. You are responsible for the initial payment.

Information on "charging" books to an account at the NMU Bookstore can be viewed here.