Based on your academic record, you may be eligible for one of the awards listed below.

All transfer students who apply to NMU are automatically considered for our “Excellence, Honors, Success” awards upon admission. All scholarships require full-time enrollment.

View your potential award by using our online scholarship tool: www.nmu.edu/admissions/NetPriceCalculator.

New Transfers**

Michigan Residents    
Award Amount Criteria
NMU Transfer Excellence Award $3000/yr. 3.80-4.00 college G.P.A.
NMU Transfer Honors Award $2000/yr. 3.50-3.79 college G.P.A.
NMU Transfer Success Award $1000/yr. 3.00-3.49 college G.P.A.


Non-Michigan Residents    
Award Amount Criteria
NMU National Transfer Excellence Award $6500/yr. 3.80-4.00 college G.P.A.
NMU National Honors Transfer Award $6000/yr. 3.50-3.79 college G.P.A
NMU National Transfer Success Award $4500/yr, 3.00-3.49 college G.P.A.

**Minimum requirements: 12 or more college-level credits after high school graduation and a 3.0 cumulative college GPA.

Renewal Eligibility

  • Transfers may receive scholarships for up to 6 semesters, or until completion of first bachelor's degree, whichever comes first.
  • Must maintain a cumulative 3.0 NMU G.P.A. and full-time enrollment.
  • Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy requirements.

Other Awards

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Award


Students must transfer directly from a two-year college.


$500 per year.

How to Apply:

Submit proof of membership in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Enrollment Requirements:

Full-time enrollment.
Renewal: Up to 6 total semesters, full-time enrollment and meet  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy requirements.

Talent Recognition Awards: Amounts vary for awards in art/design, music and theater. Contact academic department directly to arrange auditions or obtain detailed information.

NMU Donor-Funded Scholarships: The award amounts, criteria and availability for these donor-gifted scholarships vary. The application period is usually in February.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship and Alumni Dependent Tuition Program

Important Notes Regarding Transfer Scholarships

New transfer students who meet the criteria for a scholarship to NMU will receive a letter of notification regarding the scholarship. New transfer students who do not meet the criteria or do not receive the scholarship will not be notified. For the new transfer awards, students who may meet the criteria after admission but prior to enrollment at NMU (due to updated transcripts or test scores) should contact the Admissions Office. Upon review, if students meet the criteria, they will receive written notification regarding the scholarship they will be awarded.