Selected for Verification

Approximately 30% of all FAFSA applicants are randomly selected by the federal government for a process called verification. When a FAFSA is selected for verification, the school is required to verify the information inputted onto the FAFSA as being true and accurate. The verification process ensures all financial aid is awarded according to federal and state regulations, and MUST be completed before any federal financial aid, including federal student loans, and certain State and institutional aid, can be finalized.

Students selected for verification will receive notification from the Financial Aid Office requesting certain documents. Documents could include federal income tax transcripts, verification worksheets, W-2 forms, copy of social security card, student visa, etc. If you are a dependent student (your parent information is required on the FAFSA), and you have been selected for verification, your parents will be asked to submit verification documents, too. Only send the documents that we request.

Processing time may take several weeks. Your financial aid cannot be finalized until your information has been verified. It is important you read your email/letter correspondence or view your outstanding requirements on MyNMU to ensure the appropriate documents are submitted in a timely manner.

Submit all required documents directly to the Financial Aid Office

Do not submit documents unless requested.

  • Answer all questions. Read the form(s) carefully and completely.
  • Sign all forms and documents. Include your NMU student IN on each page.
  • Return all needed documents as quickly as possible. (Mail, fax, or drop off the documents in person. Please do not attach sensitive documents to an email.)
  • Incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible responses can cause a delay in processing.

Instructions on obtaining IRS tax return transcripts or see the IRS Website

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