Space Utilization

Category Minimum/Maximum Recommended
A. Student 30-40 36
B. Clerical/Technical 45-60 48
C. Administrative/ Professional (A1-A3),     Senior Administrative-Admin. Assistants, Graduate Assistants 65-85 76
D. Administrative/ Professional (A4-A10), Faculty (All Classifications), Senior Administration, Assistant Coaches 100-150 120
E. Senior Administration- Director, Senior Management/ Deans, Academic Department Heads/ Coaches 160-220 200
F. Vice Presidents 225-275 250
G. President As needed  

NOTE: The above Space Utilization Standards are to be used as guidelines by the Engineering and Planning Office when designing new or renovated space. The square footages listed above are for office and workstation spaces only. They do not include circulation, storage areas, reception areas, etc. Deviations from the above may be required, based on design requirements. Categories A thru C normally are designed in an open landscape configuration. Departments requesting office square footages exceeding the maximum, must have the appropriate Vice President and President’s approval. The Engineering and Planning Office will consult with using departments in the design process, to encourage flexible and innovative space arrangements to minimize space usage. Such items as sharing conference rooms, reception areas, and storage rooms will be considered. Typical workstation designs by category, are provided as a guide to be used in the design process.