Meyland Hall

Gunther C. Meyland Hall LEED® Green Building Certification - Certified

Site Opportunities

  • Erosion and sedimentation control reducing negative impact on water/air quality.
  • Alternative transportation: Constructed covered bicycle racks.
  • No additional parking constructed.
  • Maintain 60% of vegetated open space of site area.
  • Storm water management: Prevent approximately 404,200 gallons of storm water from entering the storm sewer system annually.
  • Light pollution reduction.

Water Efficiency

  • Reduced regulated water usage by 60%.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Ozone Depletion: The building HVAC&R systems do not use CFC-based refrigerants.
  • Building systems commissioning.

Material & Resources

  • Campus recycling program.
  • Re-used 96% of existing building structure.
  • 15% of materials used in construction contained recycled content.
  • Diverted 100% of waste from landfill. (Recycled 71 tons of metal.)
  • 35% of materials used for construction were regionally manufactured within 500 miles of NMU.
  • ASC Certified Wood used in 11% of construction materials. (Wood Doors)
  • 98% of occupied spaces have access to exterior views.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Low-VOC materials chosen for construction materials and furnishings.
  • Indoor air quality management, even during construction.
  • No smoking policy.
  • Green housekeeping program.

Architect: Integrated Designs Inc.

General Contractor: Gundlach-Champion Inc.