Master Plan

Master Plan - Charge:

The Campus Master Plan Committee will advise university administration on the implementation and updating of the Campus Master Plan. The committee will review proposals for the development or renovation of campus buildings and land to ensure that the proposals are consistent with the University's Campus Master Plan.

Committee Membership:

  1. Three faculty members appointed by the President based on recommendation of AAUP and NMUFA.
  2. One student representative appointed by the president based on recommendation of ASNMU.
  3. Three representatives appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  4. Two representatives appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration
  5. The Registrar, or an assigned representative.
  6. The Director of Public Safety and Police Services, or an assigned representative.
  7. The Director of Housing and Residence Life, or an assigned representative.

Committee Operations:

The Vice President for Finance and Administration will select the committee chair from members of the committee, and will serve for a three year term.

The chair will schedule meetings as needed.

Recommendations for new buildings, the renovation of existing buildings, the intended use of buildings and the use of campus lands will be reviewed by the committee to ensure they are consistent with the University Campus Master Plan. All recommendations will be forwarded to the committee for review after the Office of Engineering and Planning has first reviewed them. The chair will submit the committee's findings and recommendation to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.