Lydia M. Olson Library Renovation

Lydia M. Olson Library Renovation

The Olson Library and the Archives worked with external facilitators in Winter 2016 to develop a strategic plan that addresses the current and future needs of the NMU community. The strategic plan identifies the Lydia M. Olson Library as the intellectual hub of campus, enriches scholarship, creativity, diversity, and community. To better support this role the following improvements are being considered in the design process:

  • An approachable, attractive, and user friendly environment
  • Adaptive and comfortable furniture
  • Improved access to electrical outlets
  • Improved wayfinding
  • Improved traffic flow through and around the library
  • A Multimedia Support Lab for students who want to include multimedia in their assignments, research, or other activities.
  • An Interdisciplinary Digital Scholarship Lab to support faculty and students  research combines traditional scholarship, information organization and architecture, and digital technologies. Digital scholarship projects commonly make use of visualization, text mining and statistical tools, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other digital technologies.

NMU Project Manager:  Brandon Sager

Architect: Auger, Klein, Aller (AKA) Architects, Inc. / OPN Architects

Project Budget:  5.8 Million

Project Schedule:  Summer 2019 - Summer 2020