Fluorescent Lamps

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, under guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency, has notified Northern Michigan University that it can no longer throw out fluorescent lamps, in an effort to reduce the amount of mercury being deposited in the local landfill.  The information provided below is to assist you in the easy procedures to follow to recycle.

Steps to Recycle - Fluorescent Lamps

  1. The ordering  and delivery of fluorescent lamps to using departments remains unchanged.

  2. When fluorescent lamps are replaced, put old lamps back into manufacturers original container, removing cardboard separators as appropriate.

  3. When container is full of old lamps, mark "FOR RECYCLING" with lamp count on the outside of the container.  Make sure to seal the containers shut with tape.  Circular and U-shape lamps can be handled in the same manner.

  4. Central Receiving will pick these containers up from wherever they deliver supplies to, as part of normal operations.  The lamps will then be picked up from the Central Warehouse by a licensed recycling firm as required.

Do not:

  • Pack different lengths together
  • Send partly filled boxes
  • Allow lamp boxes to get wet
  • Tape lamps to each other
  • Absolutely no debris in with lamps!!!