John X. Jamrich Hall

John X. Jamrich Hall LEED For Schools (V2009) – Certified

Sustainable Sites

  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Alternative Transportation – Public Transportation
  • Alternative Transportation – Parking Capacity
  • Site Development – Maximize Open Space


Water Efficiency

  • Water use reduction
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures used throughout building


Energy & Atmosphere

  • Fundamental and Enhanced Building Systems commissioning
  • Fundamental and Enhanced Refrigeration Management


Materials & Resources

  • Campus Recycling Program
  • Construction debris diverted from landfill
  • The use of regionally harvested and manufactured materials


Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Low-VOC materials chosen for construction materials and furnishings
  • Indoor air quality management during construction
  • Indoor chemical pollutant source control
  • No smoking policy
  • Thermal comfort designs and verification