Educational Technology Resources and Policy Committee


The Educational Technology Resources and Policy Committee (ETRPC) provides a communications forum for Educational Technology issues. It promotes understanding and utilization of educational technology for enhancement of instruction, and advises the Academic Senate regarding acquisition and support of educational technology resources, including: audiovisual resources (in general), interactive video, distance learning technologies, telecommunications (including national and international networks and local campus networks), academic computing, and library technology resources.

Description of a High-Tech Learning Environment

A high-tech learning environment can be described as one where leading edge tools and techniques are employed in a meaningful way to support a productive and effective educational atmosphere while, at the same time, not creating obstacles or barriers to learning for any part of the community. Such an environment will:

  • Allow for efficient communication between all members of the community

  • Provide access to a diverse set of resources beyond what may be available in the
    immediate community

  • Support publication of information in a timely fashion to a larger audience

  • Educate all members of the community to effectively use provided tools

  • Integrate tools and techniques within new and existing courses to ultimately improve students’
    abilities to meet/exceed the learning objectives

  • Improve the efficiency of routine procedures relating to how the community conducts
    day-to-day business, regardless of an individual’s location

  • Reduce paper use where appropriate, but not at the expense of learning

  • Evolve with the technologies and processes that fit best with our community’s teaching and learning needs