Educational Technology Resources and Policy Committee

Operating Procedures

1.       Authority and Functions

1.1     The Educational Technology Resources and Policy Committee (ETRPC) was created by the Academic Senate on October 29, 1991, as a reconstituted standing committee from the former Academic Computing Resources Committee.
1.2     The ETRPC shall provide a communications forum for Educational Technology issues.
1.3     The ETRPC shall promote understanding and utilization of educational technology for enhancement of instruction.
1.4     The ETRPC shall advise the Academic Senate regarding acquisition and support of educational technology resources, including:

  • audiovisual resources (in general)
  • interactive video
  • distance learning technologies
  • telecommunications (including national and international networks and local campus networks)
  • academic computing
  • library technology resources

1.5     As necessary, the ETRPC shall designate members to form subcommittees for specific purposes.

2.       Membership

2.1     The ETRPC shall consist of

  • one representative from each academic department
  • one representative from Academic Computing
  • one representative from Instructional Media Services
  • one representative from Administration Information
    Technology Technical Services
  • one representative from Olson Library
  • The University Instructional Technologist
  • two student representatives
  • the Associate Vice-President of Academic Affairs or his/her appointee, ex-offici

3.       Elections and Term of Office

3.1     During the last meeting of the academic year, the ETRPC shall elect a Chair for the following year.  The Chair shall have a minimum of one year's experience on the committee.  The term of office shall be one year.
3.2     During the last meeting of the academic year, the ETRPC shall elect a Secretary.  The term of office shall be one year.

4.       Responsibilities of Officers

4.1     The Chair shall convene meetings and coordinate the activities of ETRPC with other academic bodies on campus.
4.2     The Chair, with the assistance of the Secretary, shall submit reports, including the End-of-Year Report to the Senate.
4.3     The Chair shall prepare and distribute an agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting.
4.4     The Secretary shall maintain a record of the meetings and business of the committee.  Minutes of the previous meeting shall normally be distributed to the membership prior to the next meeting.
4.5     Approved minutes of ETRPC meetings shall be kept on file.

5.       Meetings

5.1     The ETRPC shall meet every other week during the academic year.
5.2     A quorum shall consist of those members present at scheduled meetings.
5.3     Approval of a motion shall require a simple majority of those members present.
5.4     Amendments to these Guidelines shall require consensus of the members present and are subject to review by the Academic Senate.