Educational Policy Committee


The Educational Policy Committee is is a key element in Northern Michigan University's commitment to shared governance. The Committee is instrumental in developing policies that shape staffing decisions, program review and the allocation of resources.

The Educational Policy Committee is comprised of ten members of which five are faculty and five are members of the administration.

The Committee will use this site to keep the campus apprised of its work, and to invite feedback.

The responsibilities of the EPC include advising the Provost and the Association on:

  • mission statements,
  • short- and long-term academic program planning for the University,
  • financial considerations attendant to implementation of new programs such as majors and minors,
  • enrollment patterns and projections,
  • the allocation of the budget for the support of academic programs,
  • the generation of credit hours within colleges and academic departments,
  • and staffing requirements within colleges and academic departments. 

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate and Educational Policy Committee have companion roles in the development of academic programs. The Senate and its curriculum committees (CUP and GPC) are responsible for deliberating on the academic merit of proposed curricula. The EPC makes recommendations to the Provost regarding the allocation of budget to support academic programs.