Lois and Willard Cohodas Literary Prize Winners

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Lois and Willard Cohodas Literary Prize Winners

Pictured in the photo, left to right: Sarah Jones, David Hilden, James Schiffer, Patrick Arnold, Derek O’Connell, Robbie Goodrich.  Suzanne Williams not pictured.

First Prize, “On the Possibility of Tolerant Religion,” by David Hilden

Second Prize, “The Socratic Hero,” by Derek O’Connell

Third Prize, “Worldview Debate and the Tolerance of Ideas,” by Patrick Arnold

This prize was established by Rabbi Samuel and Lynn Stahl and Nancy and Paul Oberman, in honor of the 65th wedding anniversary of their parents, Lois and Willard Cohodas.  The goal of the competition is to provoke serious thought about one or more of the following topics:

--Enhancing religious, racial and cultural understanding

--Eliminating hatred and racism

--Promoting awareness of the Holocaust

 Awards:  First Place: $500     Second Place: $250     Third Place: $100

Judges in the contest were Professors Sarah Jones (philosophy), Suzanne Williams (chemistry), Robbie Goodrich (history), and James Schiffer (English)