2017 Writing Awards

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Barnard AwardTyler Penrod

Winners -

    Tyler Penrod for "Finding Family" - emailed request to read to tpenrod@nmu.edu
    Paige Cutler for "Benzie County"
    Abigail Christmas for "Alzheimer's Disease Prevention"


(Pictured - Tyler Penrod)


Houston Award         

  Houston Winners

Winners -

    Emily Bell for "Analysis of Vincent van Gogh"
    Meagan Bauer for "Emma Watson's Speech to the UN on Gender Equality"



(Pictured left to right - Meagan Bauer and Emily Bell)




Legler Memorial Poetry PrizeLegler Winners

Brian Czyzyk for "Diatom"
     Maddy Gardiner for "Sitting Outside a Church Parking Lot, for Fish that Fly on Fridays"


Honorable Mentions-
    Kendra Klein for "In the Middle of a Cold Stone Church"
    Olivia Kingery for "Unbunioned"



(Pictured left to right - Kendra Klein, Maddy Gardiner, Brian Czyzyk, and Olivia Kingery)


VandeZande Fiction Prize

VandeZande Fiction Prize

First Place -

   Noah Hausmann for "Every Man is a Planet"

Second Place -
    Maddy Gardiner for "Reconciliation: Relativity"

Third Place -
    Drew Boggemes for "The Space - A Guided Meditation"


(Pictured left to right - Drew Boggemes, Maddy Gardiner, and Noah Hausmann)


Cohodas Literary Prize


1st Place, Emma Schroeder, "Jusqu'ici Tout Va Bien"

2nd Place, Rabah Gabasha, "Muslim-Jewish Relations in the Dar-al-Islam"

3rd Place, Lucy Meyer-Rasmussen, "Persecution of the Poor"

Honorable Mentions:
   Rachel Loftus, "Our Failing Education System"
   Hanna Meadows, "Decline of Civility"