2016 Writing Awards

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Barnard Award


Winners -Barnard Winners

    Morgan Schmidt for "Inside a Bleeding Mind"
    Abigail Zeman for "Masking Disability:  Hypermasculine and Neo-Misogynistic Richard"

Finalists -
    Emily Winnell for "Homosociology in Romeo and Juliet"
    Lindsey Lancaster for "The Strong One"
    Nicholas Shortreed for "'Do No Harm':  An Exploration of Medicine in William Shakespeare's Writings and Modern Filmic Adaptations"


(Pictures left to right - Nicholas Shortreed, Emily Winnell, Abigail Zeman, and Morgan Schmidt)


Houston Award         


Winners -

    Samantha Peplow for "The King's Speech"
    Lilith Kontos for "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen"

Finalist -
    Virginia Jahr for "Everything Happens for a Reason"



Legler Memorial Poetry PrizeLegler Winners

Winner - Mariel Murray for "Piccadilly Circus"

Honorable Mentions-
    Kendra Klein for "Bad Belly"
    Olivia Kingery for "Deer Hanging from the Ceiling"


(Pictured left to right - Mariel Murray, Kendra Klein, and Olivia Kingery)


VandeZande Fiction Prize

VandeZande WinnersWinner -

    Macie Mitchell for "On Smells"

Finalist -
    Luke Faste for "Babyhead"
    Noah Hausmann for "Until the Whistle Blows"
    Rachel Grabowski for "For You, I Have Tried"



(Pictured left to right - Noah Hausmann, Macie Mitchell, and Luke Faste)


Cohodas Literary Prize

1st Place, Anthony Ciaramitaro, "The Big Strong Government and the Little Wahatehwe Wa'ipi"Cohodas Winner

2nd Place, Zak Linczeski, "Nazi Genocide"Katarina Jerman

3rd Place, Katarina Jerman, "Religious Violence and the Associated Stereotypes"


(Pictured at left - Anthony Ciaramitaro)


(Pictured at right - Katarina Jerman)