2015 Writing Awards

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(EN 111 Instructor Lynn Fay & McKenzie Shepherd)

Barnard Award

Barnard Award


Winner -

    McKenzie Shepherd for "My Tile Floor"

Finalists -Barnard AwardBarnard Award
Nick Obradovich
for "Cut"

YeWon Park
for "Rash"




                                            (EN 111 Instructor Carol Smith & YeWon Park)                         (Nick Obradovich & Instructor Lynn Fay)



Houston Award

Houston Award         


Winner - Jaici Shiemke for "Pure Heroin"





(Jaici Shiemke and her EN 211 instructor Matthew Weinkam)



Brian Czyzyk

         Legler Memorial Poetry Prize

Winner - Brian Czyzyk for "Bitter Ode"



(Judge/MFA candidate Sarah Bates, Brian Czyzyk, and Judge/MFA candidate Matthew Ftacek)


VandeZande Fiction Prize

1st Place- Anna Daavettila for "A Driving Night"Anna Daavettila

2nd Place-  Kaitlin Kolhoff for "Halcyon"




(Judge/MFA candidate Robin McCarthy, Anna Daavettila, and Judge/MFA candidate Cameron Contois)


Cohodas Literary Prize

1st Place, Danielle Pierre-Trettel, "Gender Identity and Expression and Simone de Beauvoir"

2nd Place, Maggie Rose, "Life In Syrian Refugee Camps"

3rd Place, Meghan Garrett, "Can you hear us now?: Discrimination against the deaf community"