2013 Award Winners

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Barnard Award

Barnard Award


Winner -
    Ashley Ede for "
The Stocking"

Finalists -
    2nd Place - Taylor Keiser
          for "The Duckling"

    3rd Place - Christopher Piche Boris
          for "Extra Cargo"



(Picture from left to right:  Christopher Piche, NMU Instructor Carol Smith, Taylor Keiser, Ashley Ede, and NMU Instructor Jenny Nicholas)


Houston Award


Houston Award


Winner - Katlin Connin for

Finalists -   2nd Place - Laken Falewitch
for "My Mother's Hands"

                  3rd Place - Angela Olgren
for "What Remains of Ice and Snow"




(Picture from left to right:  NMU Instructor Lynn Fay, NMU Instructor Melody McNeill, Laken Falewitch, NMU Instructor Carol Smith, and Katlin Connin)


Legler Memorial Poetry Prize

Legler Memorial Poetry Prize

Winner - Audrey Jazdzyk for  "Levon"

1st Runner-up - Jaci Millette for "The Odyssey"

2nd Runner-up - Josh Starbuck for "Lament for the Union on the March to the Sea"


(Picture from left to right:  Josh Starbuck and Professor Beverly Matherne)



VandeZande Fiction Prize

VandeZande Fiction Prize


Winner - Max Wojciechowski for "The Road of the Tsimshian"

Honorable Mentions-  Reannon Dykehouse for "Ring Finger Sorrows"

                   Kaylie Armbruster for "The First Maiden"



(Picture from left to right:  Professor Paul Lehmberg, Max Wojciechowski, Reannon Dykehouse, and Haylie Armbruster)




Cohodas Literary Prize

Cohodas Literary Prize1st Prize, Tanya Pazdernik, "Local Agency and Individual Initiative in the Evolution of the Holocaust: The Case of Heinrich Himmler"

2nd Prize, Danielle Morrison, "Captive Companions"

3rd Prize, Christian Tauriainen, "The Ethics of Inequality"


(Pictured:  Tanya Pazdernik)