2012 Writing Awards

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Barnard Award

2012 Barnard Winnter and Finalists


Winner -
    Taylor Smith for"

Finalists -
    Benjamin Greenwald
          for "The Hunter Becomes the Hunted"

    Tevra Boris
          for "To Cross or not to Cross"



(Picture from left to right:  Benjamin Greenwald, Taylor Smith, Tevra Boris, and NMU Instructor Melody McNeill)


Houston Award

2012 Houston Winner and Finalist

Winner - Thomas Ian Beddows for
"Formal Report: Summary of Scientific Research Concerning Trientalis borealis"

Finalists -   Alesha Bartlett
for "The Tale of Two Dallards"

                  Dorthy Anderson
for "Groundhog Day"




(Picture from left to right:  Dorthy Anderson, Thomas Ian Beddows, and NMU Instructor Melody McNeill)


Legler Memorial Poetry Prize

2012 Legler Poetry Prize Winner and Finalists

Winner - Josh Starbuck for "An American Dream"

1st Runner-up - Willow Grosz for "Up It Went"

2nd Runner-up - Grace Makley for "To a Place I've Been"

3rd Runner-up - Katelyn Durst for "The Lament of the Ex-Mennonite Farms in Lancaster & Franklin Counties"

4th Runner-up - Abbegail Hoye for "The little things I can't keep here."

(Picture from left to right:  Willow Grosz, Grace Makley, Professor Beverly Matherne, Katelyn Durst, and Abbegail Hoye)



VandeZande Fiction Prize

2012 VandeZande Winner and Finalists


Winner - Bradley Aleman for "The Santa Truth"

Finalists -  Reannon Dykehouse for "Halls for a King"

                   Josey Bonini-Aalto for "Love, Pills, & Wintertime"

                   Hannah Schug for "Daughter, or:  If My Parents Had Never Gotten It On"

                   Russell Pierce for "How to get spent"


(Picture from left to right:  Professor Paul Lehmberg, Bradley Aleman, Josey Bonini-Aalto, Hannah Schug, Reannon Dykehouse)



Cohodas Literary Prize

1st Prize, Grace Renwand, "The Experience of the Deaf During the Holocaust"

2nd Prize, John Schimek, "Tolerance and Hospitality: the Key to Religious Plurality"

3rd Prize, Irene McCauley, "White Noise"