Jacob Miller Internship

EET Summer Intern Lights the Way


Jacob Miller During the Summer, 2013 Jacob Miller, currently a senior in NMU’s Electronics Engineering program, held a summer internship at Varroc Lighting Systems, Inc. in Plymouth, MI. Varroc Lighting Systems develops LED lighting solutions for the automotive industry, including brakelights, side marker lights, and headlight assemblies.

During his internship, Miller was responsible for a variety of tasks associated with bringing prototype lighting systems to market for automotive clients. He was involved in projects such as constructing and instrumenting lighting prototypes, worst case failure analysis, testing, data acquisition, and analyzing test data. He also participated in customer focus groups and worked with component suppliers. The photo shows Jacob with one of the prototype vehicle brakelights that he helped develop for a major automobile manufacturer.

Throughout his internship experience, Miller applied skills and concepts learned in various EET courses taken at NMU such as ET210 Discrete Semiconductors, ET212 Advanced Linear, and ET410 Data Acquisition. Miller noted, ‟The internship experience taught me to think on my feet. The hands-on experience such as soldering and debugging skills learned in my electronics classes at NMU were a big plus. ”

So, the next time that you are driving and see the taillights of a new car in front of you, be reminded that an NMU student helped develop that part!