Baja Team Kshatriya

A New Partnership: NMU Baja & Team Kshatriya International

Team KshatriyaNMU Baja SAE has recently reached across international borders to support Baja Team Kshatriya International of India (KI). The teams first met at the Baja SAE Illinois 2011 when Kshatriyan team members entered NMU Baja’s pit in need of a welder. Andy Shafer, Vice President of the team, fulfilled their needs by welding their front suspension components back together, as well as their rear axles. Andy has kept in contact with Kshatriya International representative, Ayush Sood, ever since the occurrence.

In 2012, NMU Baja continued to support the international team with general building tips and suggestions involving rear suspension geometry and shock placement. NMU’s team was then asked by KI to be their partner school in the United States to act as a middle man to ship parts received from their sponsor, Polaris, to India. Wildcat Baja will also continue providing helpful advice in the future and at other race events.

The next race Team Kshatriya International expects to be at is Baja SAE Rochester from June 6-9 in Rochester, NY where both teams will compete against up to 100 schools, among other international teams such as Brazil and Mexico. Be on the lookout for more Baja updates as they ready car 23 for Michigan Tech’s Winter Baja Competition in Houghton, Mich. February 16.