Engineering Technology Senior Project Presentations

Senior Project Presentations for the Fall 2012 were presented at 7:00 pm Wednesday 5 December in the Jacobetti Complex Commons.  Five completed projects and five projects in the planning stage which will be completed in the winter semester were presented.  A short synopsis of the presentations follow:

Marquette Mounts

Marquette Mounts ( in a start-up company that markets a patented mounting system for carrying items above the bed of pickup trucks.  Mitch Marlowe and Jimmy Hilbrecht both Mechanical Engineering Technology students took on the task of designing a second generation mount that would be made of aluminum instead of steel, have an improved appearance but still meet all requirements of being simple to install, theftproof, strong enough to match the strength of the steel units and in general provide a premium model for the company to offer.  The design and prototype were successful and tested very successfully.  A copy of the presentation made can be viewed here.

4 Wheeler Lift

The 4 Wheeler Lift was a project conceived, designed and built by Kyle Gruber and Frieda Manthei, both Mechanical Engineering Technology students.  The idea as to build a lift for a 4 Wheeler sized vehicle that was relatively inexpensive, portable,required no power to operate and allowed more access to the vehicle than available lifts.  The project was successful and the prototype built demonstrated it fulfilled all the design requirements.  Kyle and Frieda's presentation may be view here.



Wind Energy Test Stand

Trent Kangas (Electrical Engineering Technology) and Josh Yakkyvich (Mechanical Engineering Technology) were tasked with designing and constructing a test stand for a wind turbine which could be used in the Alternative Energy classes in the Engineering Technology department.  The unit involved driving the turbine with a controlled motor to simulate the wind power and monitoring turbine output for various conditions.  This was all controlled from and monitored through a Labview program they created.  View their presentation here.

Baja Transmission

Hybrid Baja vehicles have been a subject of study in the Engineering Technology Department for several years.  As part of the research John DesJardins and Josh Anttonen both Mechanical Engineering Technology students were asked to design a new transmission configuration that would more efficiently drive the vehicle and protect the electric drive motors from overheating and burning out.  While there is still testing to be done on the vehicle the intial trials show the transmission effectively drives the vehicle and protects the motor. John and Josh's presentation may be viewed here.



Instron Test Fixtures

Kyle St. John and Joe Whitens both Mechanical Engineering Technology students were tasked with designing and building test fixtures for the department's Instron 5582 test frame.  Both compression and flexture test fixtures were designed, checked for sufficient load capablilities (2x safety factor) and manufactured.  Due to the very high forces this machine is capable of generating this was a critical project.  See their presentation here:

Planning Stage Projects

Five more projects that are in the planning stage and will be finished next semester were presented.  Their presentations may be viewed here:

Maritime Museum Diorama

  • Matthew Baranski
  • Ian Fox
  • Peter Smith

Alternate Energy Lab Website - Green Laptop Initiative 

  • Michael Bennett
  • Eric Wieringa

Solar Sun Tracker - gravity powered solar tracker 

  • Bryant Kerrigan
  • Daniel Klim

Fixture Plate

  • Eric Bush
  • Natalie Juarez

Pipe Joiner

  • Andrew Shafer
  • Patrick Cassingham
  • Jason Cassens