Six EEGS students were awarded scholarships for the fall 2013 semester from the NMU Foundation. Read more about the students and their awards.

Scholarships are available through the NMU Foundation to offset expenses for students while they attend school.  Some scholarships are available to all majors at Northern, while others are available only to students majoring in programs offered by the Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department.

Scholarships available for all majors

Click here for a list of scholarships available through the NMU Foundation for all majors.

Scholarships available for majors offered by the Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department

Farrell Cartography Scholarship


  • Senior
  • Major in Mapping Science
  • Must have completed 10 or more credit hours at NMU in mapping science

Amount: varies
Number: one
Etc.: Student with the highest GPA will receive the award

John S. Presensky Endowed Scholarship Fund


  • Full-time student; Geography/Conservation major; Must show financial need

Amount: $500, minimum
Number: varies
Etc.: Scholarship is renewable provided student continues to meet requirements

Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club Scholarship


  • Earth Science major (Physical Geography); third year student (Jr.) returning fall semester

Amount: varies
Number: one
Etc.: Student with the highest GPA will receive the award

Fillmore C.F. Earney Scholarship


  • Major or minor in the Geography Dept. who has completed 3 GC classes; minimum GPA in GC classes: 3.3

Amount: $500 minimum
Number: Varies
Etc.: Determined by total point score, to be determined by GPA and number of GC classes taken

National Council of State Garden Clubs


  • Science/Geography/Biology major; 3.0 GPA; Full-time student; sophomore or above standing

Amount: $3,500
Number: 35

Henry S. Heimonen Award for Excellence

Award given to the highest-ranking graduating senior. Ranking is based on overall GPA, then on major GPA if two students have the same overall GPA. Award may be given to two students, or it may not be given at all. Award winner must have 50% of their academic work completed at NMU.

National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) Excellence of Scholarship Award

Award given to an outstanding graduating senior with the highest GPA majoring in Geographic Education.

Taube-Hughes Earth Science Award

The John Hughes/Sten Taube Earth Science Award was established in 2002 by Mr. Sten Taube and Dr. John Hughes, retired professors from the Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department at Northern Michigan University.  Together, they have taught a total of 56 years at NMU.  

  • Must be a major in Earth Science or Secondary Education/Earth Science.
  • Must have completed at least one semester (or the equivalent of) at NMU.
  • Minimum of 3.3 GPA in major, student with highest GPA in major receives the award.  A tie breaker would be the student with the highest overall GPA.
  • Senior status achieved by the academic year of the award.

Award amount varies; $500 minimum.

TriMedia Consultants Scholarship


  • Major in Geography, Biology, or Chemistry
  • Student must be a full-time undergraduate from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who has achieved a minimum GPA of 3.25.
  • Student must be a team member of a university sponsored intercollegiate sport.

Amount: $1,000 minimum
Number: 2