Sample Letter of Recommendation for Student Teachers

To Whom It May Concern:

FIRST NAME LAST NAME has been a student teacher in my sixth grade class for sixteen weeks. She has been a part of a two-teacher team with 59 students, 8 of whom have learning disabilities. FIRST NAME has been responsible for teaching two sections of Language Arts, two sections of math, and one section of 8th grade Language Arts.

Ms. LAST NAME will have had the experience of teaching two chapters of math for ten weeks. During this time she has planned and implemented the daily homework, weekly quizzes and unit tests. FIRST NAME has successfully demonstrated her awareness of different learning styles and has adequately adjusted assignments to meet the varied needs of students. Her units were thoroughly prepared and implemented. She was successful in monitoring and adjusting to various schedule changes in order to complete it during her time of teaching.

FIRST NAME’s experience in Language Arts included teaching a unit on short stories. This involved teaching the elements of literature. She completed this unit using the text book series and developing her own activities including a travel brochure, plot diagrams, and culminating with a community service project that involved making children’s books for local doctors’ offices, pediatric wards, and women’s shelters.

Ms. LAST NAME also spent four weeks teaching eighth grade Language Arts. During this time she taught the novel, Nothing but the Truth. This unit included writing a news article, an essay, and a unit test. She also taught the writing process and several short stories.

FIRST NAME possesses a positive and enthusiastic personality. She has a great rapport with the students she has worked with. She is well dressed, articulate, and always ready with a smile and a kind word. I have found that other team members have accepted her as a strong working member of our team and she has had a positive working relationship with each one of them, as well as with other staff members.

I am confident that Ms. LAST NAME will be an asset to any staff that she works with. She is confident, knowledgeable, and has the skills of a seasoned teacher. I believe that she will continue to grow and become even more effective as a teacher with further opportunities. Please feel free to contact me for more information at PHONE, SCHOOL, E MAIL OR OTHER.