Individual Online Courses

Education courses in a variety of subjects are offered every semester. To register for these and other graduate-level Education courses in the Fall 2007 semester, visit

The Middle School - ED 460 (3 credits)
Analyzes the philosophy, structure, curriculum, needs of students, and strategies for teaching middle school.

Educational Research - ED 500A (3)
Prerequisite: Graduate standing
An introduction to the field of educational research. Students will design an educational research study, complete a literature review, and learn how to interpret research results and present research findings.

Psychology Of Education - ED 504 (3)
A comparative study of learning theories. The analysis is made with reference to the practical application of learning theories to the process of instruction.

Measurement & Evaluation - ED 505 (2)
An investigation of systems of measurement and evaluation with an emphasis on use in classroom situations. Topics include computation of selected basic statistics, test reliability and validity, and interpretation of test data.

Special Education in the Schools - ED 560 (2)
Prerequisite: Graduate standing
A survey of physical, mental and social classifications of students with exceptionalities, etiology, treatment, care and educational planning.

Introduction to Learning Disabilities - ED 562 (3)
Prerequisites: ED 360 or ED 560
A study of the principal theorists and their contributions to the field of learning disabilities. The student will develop an understanding of perceptual development and its relationship to these varied philosophies.

Intern In Educational Administration  - ED 548 (1-4 S/U Grading)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Enrollment in this course provides a student of school administration or supervision the opportunity to gain experience in educational administration under the supervision of university faculty and practicing administrators. A student will be assigned to responsibilities and individuals according to the nature of his/her request.

Foundations Of Reading Instruction - ED 570 (4)
A study of the reading process; examination of currently used approaches in reading instruction; individual and group evaluation techniques and instruments; and consideration of the professional literature as it relates to reading instruction.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Reading Disabilities - ED 571 (4)
Identification of problems related to the reading process; examination of diagnostic procedures for use with groups and individuals; examination and use of specific diagnostic instruments; consideration of corrective and remedial procedures.

Internship-Educational Specialist - ED 648 (1-4)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Enrollment in this course provides the student an opportunity to gain administrative experience under the supervision of university faculty and practicing administrators. Students will be assigned to responsibilities and supervisors according to the nature of their request.

Teaching Earth Science - EDSI 544 (2)
Survey of concepts, principles, and processes in the earth science curriculum; common difficulties encountered by students and alternatives for structuring learning; and applications of technology, materials, and resources for teaching earth science.

Living World: Life Science for K-8 Teachers - EDSI 595S (4)
This course features lesson plans with inquiry-based classroom activities in scientific concepts like ecology, homeostasis, taxonomy and genetics. The Living World also counts as an elective course in NMU's online master's of science education degree program. Registration for this course is open now. Enrollment is limited to 30 students.